WOODSTOCK August 1969


We were young, we were invincible
We were going to change the world
Thru our love, our music and Peace.

We came, we loved, and we had fun
We were a half a million strong.
Together in peace and love

We didn't care; we didn't mind the rain
We wanted to unite
To hear our music, have our generation
Make a statement
And we did!

We swam in the lake, no clothes
We were free spirits
We made love under the stars
We laughed, we danced, and we listened to our music

No soft beds, not much food
We didn't care
The comforts of the straight world were not
Our generation

   We set out to make an event - one the world would remember  
And we did

And I was there!!

©N.M. Graham 2/13/2000

It was August of 1969, "the summer of love", and actually the death of hippie would soon follow. They were about to attempt something that had never been done before and something that hasn't been done quite the same since then


4 of them going in the beetle van, literally put together with spit and confidence. And a whole lot of paint and flower decals. No a/c of course, but it never seemed to be as hot back then as it is now days. Or maybe it was a combination of being a whole lot younger and not wearing much - Halter tops and cut offs for the girls, jeans or cut offs for the guys and a tank top if lucky.

They left Clearwater, Florida 4 days before the concert was to begin. Sleeping bags and coolers. They were a bit more prepared then some ended up. And it did end up being rough, not a picnic at all but sure was worth the experience.

The closer we got to the site of Woodstock in Upstate New York (the location already being changed a couple times in the planning) things looked like the mass exodus out of Egypt. Only hippie style, on foot and in vehicles that had no business being on the road, let alone out of the salvage yard. But they were young, happy and for at least 3 days, free.

No one really expected the turn out, so down came the fences and it was turned into a free concert, no mass control for the turn out.

And so it began, heat and rain showers, mud, drugs and a whole lot of peace and happiness. Nude bathing in the lake, which was no big deal, and always looking for the one member of the group that seemed to get lost for hours on end. But it was fun…

They couldn't see all the concerts, or hear a lot of them but they sure tried hard.

They did get good glimpses of Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix, WOW!


Baby Races



"Was a groovy time to be sure. And one I can share with my grandson and he can look at the pictures I have and the tickets and think his Nonny spent 3 days totally off her rocker."

Photos furnished by N.M. Graham
"Woodstock And Me" Poem by N.M. Graham
Additional Photos by Richie Suraci Wing
And Unknown Photographers

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